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One of our main areas of focus is to build ecosystems able to adapt to our customers’ needs and to the industry they operate in: reliable and with a strong added value to those who use them. We are fond of quality products, well-engineered software, flawless processes and stable but flexible architectures.

Since the beginning we have been committed to create software projects in complex fields, where the risk of error is very high and needs to be managed by predicting in advance what could go wrong in order to avoid it. For this reason, we have found many affinities with some sectors in particular, such as healthcare, insurance and e-commerce, where the stability and quality of the software are essential in order to obtain competitive products on the market.

We work in a structured and sustainable way, because artfully-made software is not necessarily synonymous with disproportionate costs or long lead times. On the contrary, well-designed products able to evolve over time lead to long-term savings, while the definition of clear priorities and an incremental workflow allows you to quickly release new updates and always keep up with technological developments.

Healthcare & Pharma

The healthcare and pharma sector is a rather complex area: in addition to the delicate issue of processing particularly sensitive data, especially those regarding the patients’ health status, there is also a very tight regulation covering products, services and communication, which varies from country to country.

However, it is an incredibly challenging field, where targeted and well-conceived solutions can make a big difference and simplify the management of processes and therapies, as well as the lives of people who live with a disease every day.

We work with large companies, SMEs and innovative start-ups and we are specialized in digital therapeutics and patient journey management, which represent one of the most interesting and current frontiers of contemporary medicine.

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Designing an e-commerce website that works well means, first of all, centering the experience around the user and creating an optimal balance between the different elements. It is not just a question of setting up a good user experience on multiple devices, but also of acting on the quality of the infrastructure provided, on the speed of loading and browsing, and on ensuring security in payments and in the user data management.

When we build an e-commerce site we start with a careful analysis of the needs and requirements and we help our customers to find optimal solutions that include improving performance (over 50% of people leave a page if it loads in more than 3 seconds) and ensure that pages are more visible on search engines (since July 2018 Google indexes the mobile versions of the sites first). Also, since we believe in products that last a long time, we are very pleased to optimize sites that need some intervention.

We think that users come first and we particularly care about their privacy and the regulations regarding Cookie Law and GDPR. We efficiently manage complexity and any technical criticalities to increase the competitiveness of your company, avoid penalties and make you sleep peacefully.

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We are uniquely positioned to handle even the most complicated projects.

In order to cater to your specific needs, we’ve developed a system that is fluid, responsive, and designed to adapt to any challenge.

  • We gather information and specifications, analyze the context and the business’ needs and plan the best tailored solution.
  • We invest in dedicated and experienced developers and testers, who are solutions-driven subject matter experts.
  • We follow the agile process: testing starts early, is in lockstep with development, and occurs more frequently through delivery.

This enables us to be up to 25% less expensive than other US-based dev and QA teams, and less expensive than many offshore teams.

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