Company culture

What it means for us to be Etiqers

Our Culture

We believe in people making a difference and in a corporate culture focused on flexibility, personal growth and continuous improvement.
We know that our team is greater than the sum of its parts and we work hard so that every team member can express his/her full potential and help other members to do the same.

Our Values



We value collaboration, flexibility and independence within our company and respect each other and each others’ time, diversity and inclinations.



We appreciate curiosity and encourage our team members to keep learning, to continue to develop their skills and to challenge existing solutions in order to find new hacks and better options.



We deeply believe in the freedom to exchange ideas, express ourselves, disagree, give constructive feedback, say “no” (and why), and challenge the status quo.



We love what we do, whether it’s programming, planning or writing a post. It’s easier and more interesting to do something you really like, isn’t it?

Our work philosophy



We are committed to searching for, analysing and implementing the best possible solutions for our clients and we support them through every step of the process. We listen very carefully and base our relationships with stakeholders on transparency and communication.


Attention to detail

We like things that are tailor-made with great attention to detail, and we want to enjoy designing, planning, and delivering the final product to our clients. We want every project we work on to be carefully nurtured, well thought-out in all aspects, and expertly implemented.


Sustainable Quality by design

Quality is our mantra. We integrate quality from the very beginning of every project and strive to build products that can age well and adapt to difficult situations and technological challenges.


Environmental and social responsibility

We believe that we can contribute to making the world a better place by supporting environmental initiatives and integrating social responsibility into our operations.

Places we love to work from



"Turin is our home", to quote a famous local writer. It is where our headquarters are and where many Etiqers live. Turin is an amazing mix of history, culture and innovation and has unbelievable food and wine.
You should really come and visit!


San Francisco

San Francisco is where our US team resides. This wonderful city is famous for its counterculture and for its proximity to Silicon Valley, but also for its beautiful bay and the mix of cultures who live in the area.
Amazing food, gigs and entertainment assured!



We love traveling. We do it as often as we can. Sometimes it's holidays, sometimes it's going back home, sometimes it's staying in another region or country for a few weeks, or for longer.
The important thing is to go ;)

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